Egg Rolls, Chinese Restaurant in Sylva, NC

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different, a common question with a complex answer. Is it the old age family recipes passed down from generation to generation? Maybe its our hand crafted dumplings, egg rolls and other fine dishes? Or is it the quarter century worth of experience from our chef that gets put into each and every dish we make? Well, the answer is all of that, and more. Here at Peking Gourmet II, we don't stop at just providing you with nourishment or a quick bite to eat. We provide you with a relaxed atmosphere that is suitable for everyone. From families to couples, children to elderly, you are welcome here and we strive to provide you with exceptional service

Chinese Food & Buffet

Instead of traveling to Asia to sample their food, make a short trip to Peking Gourmet II. We serve an appetizing selection of traditional Chinese food at our large buffet. It includes everything from sesame chicken to egg rolls.

Catering Services

We know that you'll like our food so much that you'll want others to enjoy it, too. For your next meeting or get-together, we'll be honored to provide catering services. You have the opportunity to create your meal from any of our menu items.

Our Restaurant

A chef with a quarter-century of experience prepares your food when you come to our restaurant. Everything we prepare is based on recipes passed down from generations, which assures great taste in every bite. For more information about menu items and pricing, contact us at (828) 586-2858.

Visit our Chinese restaurant in Sylva, North Carolina, for delicious food, friendly service, and a relaxed setting.



About Us

Treat yourself to some authentic food at our Chinese Restaurant in Sylva, North Carolina. Peking Gourmet II serves the area's premiere selection of Chinese food. In addition to a large buffet and catering, we offer a Mongolian grill as a part of the buffet. Seafood Dinner Specials on Friday and Saturday include raw oysters, steamed shrimp, mussels and much more. If dining in is not for you, we offer a large menu selection for carryout as well and any dish is customizable to your taste buds.

Founded in 1993, Peking Gourmet II has always provided quality and tasty Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. Using old-age family recipes and combining them with modern ingredients and techniques, our chefs create masterful dishes from scratch.

We strive to provide the community with exceptional dining services and a pleasant experience while at our restaurant. Come in and be a part of this restaurant experience nestled in Sylva, North Carolina.